LG has released a new flagship device in April this year. The LG G8 ThinQ has already received mixed reactions from the followers. LG is currently going through a down phase. Their last flagship LG G7 ThinQ miserably failed to impress the people by its mediocre performance and same old features but still high-priced.

For the last few years, LG has been struggling with poor sales of their mobile phones. The customers have complained to face Bootloop problem and software issues in some of their past flagships like G3, G4, G5. However, LG apparently solved that problem in G6 which eventually became a hit.

After the failure of G7 ThinQ, LG has been trying hard to introduce new innovations and unique features in their next flagship phone. And now the G8 ThinQ has arrived hoping to recover their old reputation.

The LG G8 ThinQ; Image source: Engadget

The LG G8 ThinQ was announced in February and released in April this year. They have introduced some new features like Hand ID and Air Motion. Stylish design and notch display have given it an elegant look.

The display, processor, camera, battery, interface everything looks interesting but the question remains if all these features are as efficient as other flagship devices from other top mobile companies. Let’s dig into its feature and performance results.

Stylish design makes it look elegant; Image source: Marques Brownlee

The LG G8 ThinQ comes in two different models one of which has two rear cameras and the other one has 3 rear cameras. The rest of the features remain the same. The mobile has been designed with an aluminum frame with both front and back Gorilla glass.

The mobile is 8.4 mm thin which is quite impressive just as other flagship devices. Exclusive color options and the back glass impressively made it an elegant looking device. The mobile is certified IP68 dust/waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. The fingerprint sensor is rear mounted so easier to reach.

LG G8 ThinQ has a 6.1” P-OLED capacitive touchscreen display with 16M colors and about 564ppi pixel density which is quite impressive as the display is great for a perfectly saturated and bright display but the screen has very high contrast which apparently doesn’t fulfill the vivid display we expected.

Bright and saturated display apparently shows high contrast, Image source: Marques Brownlee

It comes with an Android version 9.0 (Pie) and a LG UX 8.0 UI. The interanace is quite clean and smooth and the software is quite impressive. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and an octa-core processor makes the performance really fast and solid.

And also, 6GB RAM produces a more superior performance. 128 GB internal memory with expandable memory makes it really impressive since many top mobile companies no longer use expandable storage which bothers the users.

The three camera model comes with an additional telephoto camera Image source: LG

The LG G8 ThinQ comes with two or three rear cameras in different models. Of which the three camera device has an additional telephoto lens which is now quite common in the flagship devices with multiple cameras.

Other than that both models have a standard camera and an ultra-wide camera. The standard camera comes with Optical Image Stabilization which produces really well focused and sharpened photo. The ultra-wide camera has no Auto Focus feature and not so impressive for clicking ultra-wide photos

It also has a portrait feature which is just as fine as the other flagship cameras. Both models have dual selfie camera which is quite decent and also the ultra wide selfie camera is quite efficient to click group selfies. However, the camera has no new feature as expected from them.

They also have a two camera variant; Image source: Marques Brownlee

It has a non removable Li-Po 3500 mAh battery with Quick Charge version 3.0. The battery capacity is quite average as a mobile with 6.1” should have 4000 mAh battery for all day use.

However, the fast charging feature can recover the issue. It also supports wireless charging like other flagship devices. They also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is a plus point because some flagship devices like iPhone and Google Pixel doesn’t have any headphone jack.

The Hand ID was the most exclusive feature of LG G8 ThinQ Image source: LG

The most exclusive and “innovative” feature introduced in LG G8 ThinQ is the Hand ID and the Air Motion. The Hand ID is basically using the palm of your hand to unlock your device.

If you show your palm in front of the front cameras, it will unlock. The users have described it as quite unnecessary and inconvenient because it is not that much handy like a fingerprint sensor. This mobile already has a fingerprint sensor so the users don’t feel like using the Hand ID.

The Air Motion is a feature in which you can operate and scroll your device without directly touching your mobile. This feature seems so much interesting but it has no practical use. It’s disappointing how the two “Exclusive” features introduced by LG came to no use.

The LG G8 ThinQ; Image Source: Marques Brownlee

The price point starting at 820US$ is not worth the specifications and their so-called “Innovative” features. LG has failed again to produce excellent flagships like their G2 or G4. No one will want to buy an overpriced device with very few impressive features. In this price range, the customer would rather fall for other flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 or Oneplus 7.

LG has produced excellent flagships before. It’s saddening to see such downgrading performance of their company and products. We really hope one day they will make truly innovative and useful mobiles to rise as one of the top mobile companies just as before.

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