The smartphone market is now full of so many reputed mobile selling companies. Every year different companies are entering into the business & making this sector more competitive. Xiaomi is one of those Chinese mobile company who already has earned worldwide recognition for providing excellent mobile phones to customers at a much cheaper rate than other world-class companies. They are proudly dominating the Asian mobile market by introducing mid-range budget smartphones regularly.

But it looks like their domination might end soon as Realme has flourished rapidly since they were founded on May 2018. It was initially a sub-brand of another Chinese smartphone company Oppo who later got separated from them.

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Since then, Realme is showing their worth in the sector. Within the launch of 6 months, Realme has gained the honor of being the third largest smartphone brand in India.

Now they are having 9% market share in India whereas Xiaomi leads the list by 29% & Samsung is in the second position by having 19% market share.  They also became the second largest in the online segment with 18% share. Previously famous mobile brands like Huawei, Vivo were in the list but Realme jumped to the list by overcoming them.

Realme 1 was the first smartphone launched by Realme which was followed up with Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro & Realme U1. Recently they have launched their most exclusive smartphone Realme x.

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Realme India CEO Madhav Seth was asked last year how he sees the emerging journey of Realme & their rivalry with Xiaomi. He confessed that Xiaomi was considering Realme as one of their supreme competitors.

They’re (Xiaomi) too huge a brand to compete with us but if they’re acknowledging us as their competition, we’re very happy with that. We always welcome competition.” He also said.

The company currently has more than 3000 stores across 35 cities and they are planning to expand it up to 150 cities in 2019 by introducing 20000 stores. 

Till December 2018 Realme sold more than 5 million devices and is now planning to expand their business to Europe market as it’s currently present in South East Asia and Middle-East markets. That shows how desperate they are to occupy the smartphone market.

Recently Madhav Seth again pointed at Xiaomi saying that they are insecure about the emergence of Realme. Basically he reacted to a tweet of Xiaomi India head Manu Jain where he said that Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro is a much better choice than Realme 3 Pro comparing the chipsets. As Snapdragon 675 has been featured in Redmi Note 7 Pro whereas Realme 3 Pro has 7th series chipset Snapdragon 710. Manu Jain claimed Snapdragon 675 better than Snapdragon 710. According to him snapdragon 710 is one year old processor which they already used in their previous smartphone. However Seth found this claim totally meaningless as a 6th series chipset can never provide better performance than a 7th series chipset.

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However, the Snapdragon 710 offers better clocked speeds of up to 2.2GHz comparing with the 2.0GHz clock speed of Snapdragon 675. Furthermore, the Snapdragon 710 is enriched with a better GPU with Adreno 616 GPU and it is more power efficient as compared to the Snapdragon 675 processor. However, it should be noted that the chipset performance is one of the major parts of the smartphone which determines the performance of it. Such a cold war between the CEO’s of two giant smartphone companies has got more spark as Xiaomi India’s sales head Deepak Nakra has resigned from the company recently & joined their rival company Realme India as its offline business sales head. He joined Xiaomi in 2017 and before that he worked in Samsung where he was director of sales and distribution for South and West. 

The news has been confirmed from Nakra’s Linkedin profile. This comes at a time when Realme has gained so much popularity among the budget smartphone users & has gained worth mentioning share in online smartphone sales. Their sudden growth in the smartphone industry is surely a big threat to other mobile phone companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo. 

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Xiaomi has been ruling the smartphone market of Asian market but it looks like Realme has joined the competition to beat them. They have enough resources & potential as well. So if they can maintain their impressive quality & performance, they will dominate the Asian smartphone market soon along with Xiaomi.

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