Huawei is going through an extremely challenging phase right now. According to Reuters, Google apparently has restricted Huawei for accessing their proprietary features. Primarily, the spokesperson of Google said that they are just complying the order given by the US Government. The restriction has been effective from May 16 this year. Apparently, the present Trade War between China and the US is the main reason for this restriction.

The US Government has accused Huawei as a national security threat. They added Huawei to a list of 44 Chinese entities which subjects to US export controls. That means US companies will be required to have a license from the US Government before selling any parts or components of the Chinese company. That means a downfall of Huawei mobile company in the US.

Huawei P30 Pro, Image source: androidcentral

The second largest smartphone company in the world which sold nearly 200 million smartphones last year, is solely dependent on Android, the most popular operating system in the world. Huawei has been exponentially rising since they started to make Android mobiles.

They have been extremely popular in all over the world for their mobile from all price ranges. This ban will restrict them using certain Android features in their mobile. Following are some facilities that Huawei and their sister brands are losing for this restriction-

The rise of Huawei, Image source: Financial Times

‌‌Restricted Android Updates

Huawei will no longer receive early android updates. They will receive Android updates, but that will take several months as Huawei will get to access only after Google makes the update available to Android Open Source Project. That means the users will get slower updates and hence Huawei will have to push these updates to its users itself and adapt them for its personalized user interface, resulting in slowing things up further.

Restricted Security Updates

Same goes for the security updates also. The Huawei Users will get the Android Security Updates once it’s made available to the Android Open Source Project. Although Huawei has promised to maintain regular security updates, they won’t come directly from Google. It’s not still clear if they have a system to deliver those updates.

No Play Store

Sadly, this is true. Huawei will no longer have Google Play Store in their next smartphones. That means the users will longer be able to download apps directly ffrom play stores. Huawei may build up their own complete app store, but that can never replace the Google Play Store.

No Longer Access to Google’s Proprietary Apps

This is disheartening for all of us that the future Huawei Users will not be able to some most popular apps like Google Chrome, Youtube, Gmail, etc. These apps are Google’s proprietary apps from which Huawei is now restricted. However, the upcoming Huawei smartphones will still be able to use the available in the Android Open Source Project.

Google cuts off Huawei from their priority list; Image source: The Verge

According to Bloomberg, some giant chip-making companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, Xilinx has announced to restrict its business with Huawei. They told their employees that they will not supply critical software and components to Huawei until further notice.

This is also a massive pressure on Huawei because Huawei is dependent on them for not only their smartphone manufacture but also other gadget manufacturing like laptops and tablets. Apparently, Huawei has to find new chip-making companies for producing their upcoming mobiles.

However, this restriction will not effect existing Huawei devices. The Android authority tweeted ensuring imposing no change to the Huawei devices that are already in the market.

So, it’s a relief for the or current Huawei users. Also, Huawei confirmed that their newest smartphone Honor 20 which got released on May 21, will also be out of restriction. This certainly gives them some time to think of an alternative way.

Huawei has already announced to make their own operating system called HongMeng for its upcoming smartphones and tablets. This will certainly create a competition between Huawei and Google in terms of innovation and facilities.

Huawei has certainly got into trouble with all these restrictions. The number of companies cutting off business with them is increasing over time. They will have to recover what they have lost, and they will have to do it with better technologies than Google. If they can overcome this restriction, they will certainly be able to keep their place, or this company will be eclipsed within no time.

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